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Mission and Vision

Living Waters, a registered non-profit organisation based in East London, was founded in January 1998 from a single pot of soup to feed homeless people in the City area. Living Waters has developed into a multi-facetted service provider, empowering many vulnerable members of the surrounding impoverished communities.

Through its core projects, Living Waters provides a holistic bouquet of support to survivors of domestic violence, rape, human trafficking, abuse and socio-economic challenges.

These core projects are:

   Safe house for abused women and their children – a temporary safe, secure shelter for female survivors (and their children) of various forms of abuse and gender based violence. This has also grown into a secondary stage housing, where survivors can remain for longer periods of time to ensure sustainability of the healing, growth and development of their lives.

   Integrated Skills Development Programs – empower vulnerable community members with both practical, theoretical and life skills.

    A One Stop Victim Empowerment Centre –supplies services to the entire Westbank area of East London. This is a collaborative venture between Living Waters, The East London IDZ and SAPS to supply easily accessible services to the extremely vulnerable people within a ‘hotspot’ area of our city as identified by the SAPS.

    Psychosocial Support – regular counseling and therapy is offered to all survivors of abuse who come through Living Waters’ doors. This assists in their recovery and personal development and ensures that the opportunity for better informed choices and decisions can be made.

        Preventative Campaigns – Living Waters works with children          and youth-at-risk, supplying them with various types of          assistance, from educational bursaries for learners to life skills          programs. This take place in schools, communities, churches,          organizations, in business and meetings where we are invited to.